MI, USA 2017

Marquette Iron Range


Keweenaw Copper Country

October 8th-14th, 2017

Thanks to all of our sponsors, hosts and mining companies for making this trip possible!
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SEG Executive Team: Dylan J. McKevitt, Natascia Zuccarelli-Pegoraro

Students: Brendon Samson, Danielle Shirriff, Gerald Broughton, Ijaz Ahmad, Kevin Baloyi, Michelle Jacques, Will McNeice, Xuyang Meng


Sunday(Oct. 8): Sudbury to Marquette. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore en-route.
Monday(Oct. 9): Marquette area. Outcrops, hiking, mining museum. Dinner at Presque Isle Park.
Tuesday(Oct. 10): Marquette area. Outcrops. Tour of Tilden Mine.
Wednesday(Oct. 11): Marquette area. Tour of Eagle Mine.
Thursday(Oct. 12): Houghton area. Tour of Quincy Mine. Mineralogical museum.
Friday(Oct. 13): Keweenaw Peninsula. Outcrops. Rock piles. Estivant Pines.
Saturday(Oct. 14): Copper Harbor to Sudbury. Rock shop en-route.

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