Peru 2017!

February 16th-27th, 2017

Thanks to all our sponsors and mining companies for making this trip possible!


Day 1 (Feb 15th) : Depart from Toronto to Lima (evening)

Day 2 (Feb 16th): Day in Lima; night in Lima.

Day 3 (Feb 17th): Depart Lima early in the morning, drive to Chincha & go directly to Cerro Lindo Mine; overnight in Pisco

Night in Cerro de Pasco.

Day 4 (Feb 18th): Early morning departure, head to Raul Condestable Mine; drive to and overnight in Lima

Day 5 (Feb 19th): Early morning departure, drive to Tarma (3000 m); overnight in Tarma

Day 6 (Feb 20th): Early morning departure, visit Cerro de Pasco MILPO mine (4400 m); finish visit between 12-1pm; drive to Lima & overnight. ETA 8pm

Day 7 (Feb 21st): Early morning departure to Cajamarca, overnight in Pisco

Day 8 (Feb 22nd): Finish drive to Cajamarca (3000 m)

Day 9 (Feb 23rd): Early morning departure visit Cerro Cornona mine; afternoon: visit Goldfields core shack; overnight in Cajamarca

Day 10 (Feb 24th): Early morning departure, Yanacocha tour (full day); overnight in Cajamarca

Day 11 (Feb 25th): Depart Cajamarca for Lima

Day 12 (Feb 26th): Full day tourism in Lima

Day 13 (Feb 27th): Full day for torusim; Lima airport at midnight

Day 14 (Feb 28th): Departing from Lima-arriving in Toronto at 11 am

SEG executive team: Luis Artega, Marie Letourneau, William Ogilvie
Professors: Elizabeth Turner, Daniel Kontact
Students: Andrew Bradley, Matthew Brown, Ian Newman, Philippe Trudel, Christopher Beckett-Brown, Yiguan Lu, Jacqueline Huggins, Natascia Zuccarelli-Pegoraro, Charles Spath, Francisca Maepa, Micheal Langa, Sarah Clay

Cerro Lindo Mine

Cerro de Pasco Complex

Raul- Condestable Mine



Cerro Corona






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